My Equipment


DSLR Canon 700D (£399 via Link)

  • Able to create high-quality images that are packed with detail
  • Able to shoot 18-megapixel photos AND Full-HD video
  • Movie Auto Focus that keeps moving subjects in focus
  • Ability to shoot quickly and easily with Scene Intelligent Auto


Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens (£119 - Canon)

"Perfect for capturing expressions on the faces of friends and family, ideal for weddings, events and parties.  Capture life as it happens in front of you from the streets of your town to capturing the emotions of events." - Canon


DSLR Aluminium Stabilizer (£25 or more)

This DSLR stabilizer is especially designed to reduce shake and stabilize video on DSLR Cameras, like my Canon 700D. The use of a stabilizer is so simple but so crucial, a film viewer can easily tell the difference between handheld filming and using a stabilizer, it gives the overall quality of the filming more smoothness and fluidity.

Additional Equipment


Studio Lights

I also own a pair of studio lights. These lights are great for photography and videography. In terms of photography these studio lights are great for photoshoots; Headshots, Animal Photography, Product Photography and much more.

In respect of videography these lights are fantastic for lighting scenes in short films and they are also great for indoor shooting for corporate videos and advertisements.

Multiple Tripods

Tripods do not need much of an explanation. They are great, they position the camera still and more importantly saves me from holding the camera allowing me to focus 100% on the other key aspects of the photoshoot or any other kind of production!

DSLR Camera Rig (Stabilizer)

Much like the stabilizer shown above, this camera rig is one of the BEST purchases I have made in terms of videography. This rig makes stabilizing the camera much easier and takes the worry out of the video being smooth because it ALWAYS is.

Camera Slider

The camera slider I purchased is 1.5 metres and helps so much to get the all important tracking shots, it also creates a smooth dynamic to whoever or whatever I am tracking which is incredibly helpful. The bigger, the better in terms of camera sliders - 1.5 metres ALWAYS manages to do the job for me.