Crossfire Eagles LIVE

Crossfire Eagles performing their single 'All You Know' LIVE at Sheffield's Laycock's Social Club.




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This video is my Showreel! Where I have compiled clips from EVERYTHING that I have worked on. 

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New York City

New York City is inspired by my trip to the incredible city of New York in 2016. I had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Big Apple with my Sociology class, so I thought I would take my camera and see what I can film! After my trip to NYC (which I highly recommend) I created this montage of everything I experienced during my stay...

Goals Sheffield Advertisement

Goals Sheffield ADVERT is quite simply an advertisement video for Goals Sheffield. 'Goals' is a 5 a-side footballing facility where friends can team up together and compete in different leagues. I made this video to promote the exciting experience of 5 a-side football and to promote the 'Goals' brand...

Leeds United 2018/19 Season

My Leeds United 2018/19 video (Yes, i'm a Leeds United fan) is a compilation video I created to show off the beauty, drama and passion that is the sport of football. This video has been very well received by over 5,000 football fans...